In case the parties enter into an agreement regarding any business transaction, it is essential that both parties rights and obligations are precisely and properly stated. In this way it is possible to avoid later inconveniences, legal or financial disputes and even lenghty and costly lawsuits. We have drafted and revised several business-, contstrucion- and loan-related agreements, along with contracts for commercial agents or trustees, which are the most common types of agreements among our clients.

Also, in case you may purchase vehicles in Hungary, it is indispensable to involve a prepared attorney in the transaction. A properly drafted agreement could help you avoid problems arising from false mileage, fake service history, or hidden defects. You have several rights and warranties to exercise, and our office can provide the necessary knowledge and legal support to do so.


  • Drafting the agreement that fits your business purpose
  • In case you already have a drafted agreement, we revise and amend it in a way that it will serve your interests
  • Drafting, revising and amending your business Terms and Conditions
  • Drafting framework agreements, commercial contracts for both contractors and customers
  • Legal support in sale and purchase of vehicles, exercising warranty rights

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