We offer full time legal support for business entities, covering the entire scope of business.

Issuing formal payment notices, debt collection, dealing with regulatory fines and tax penalties, labor law issues, and revising contracts require a certain expertise. In order to deal with the tasks above, the prudent and careful executive manager usually seeks help from a prepared attorney.

In this way the attorney is able to carry out the service that would otherwise require the employment of a large number of skilled employees. In case your company fails to comply with the relevant legislation, the authorities may issue large penalties and fines. This can be prevented by hiring the right attorney to help the day-to-day running of your business.


  • We offer full-time legal support for your business, which covers all matters listed above, and also legal advice in other issues that may arise during your business activity. In this way the business owners and executives are only to concentrate on business development and important financial decisions
  • Areas of representation: debt collection, labor law issues, representation in tax administration procedures, representation in a court of law, and other public proceedings

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