To purchase/sell or to lease out/rent a real estate is a common occurrence among our clients. It is of great importance to properly regulate and carry out these transactions to avoid later inconveniences or eventual lawsuits. For businesses who carry out real estate transactions and businesses in estate development it indispensable to have an attorney who possesses comprehensive knowledge in the estate market.

To purchase a real estate in Hungary as a foreign citizen has several legal restrictions and difficulties. Certainly there is a way, but to be able to purchase and to help you guide through the lenghty process, you need an attorney trained in the agricultural and estate laws.


  • Drafting, revising and countersigning real estate contracts, legal support regarding the whole transaction, both for estates of residental purpose and agricultural lands
  • Drafting and revision of your lease or sub-lease contracts
  • Founding and representation of condominiums and apartment houses, including required administration and legal support
  • Representing our clients in court and in land registry procedures

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